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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AddonHandle BEdita addons (models, components, etc,..) to enable/disable it and so on
AddressbookControllerAddressBook Module Controller
AddressbookShellShell script to import/export/manipulate cards
AdminControllerAdministration: system info, eventlogs, plug/unplug module, plugins, utility...
AliasClass that handles nickname aliases
AnnotationBase annotation
ApiAuthComponentREST API auth component 'access_token' used for authentication is a JSON Web Token (JWT)
ApiAuthInterfaceDescribe the methods that every API Auth Component should comply with API auth should be a token based authentication that uses 'access_token' and 'refresh_token'
ApiBaseControllerApiBaseController class
ApiFormatterComponentApiFormatter class
ApiValidatorComponentApiValidatorComponent class
AppControllerController base class for backends+frontends
AppErrorBEdita/cake error handler (backends+frontends)
AppHelperHelper base class contains common helpers methods
ApplicationMultimedia application object
AppModelBEdita base model classes
AreaPublication data
AreasControllerController module Publications: managing of publications, sections and sessions
AudioAudio stream
AuthenticationsControllerAuthentication controller
BannedIpBanned ip object
BEAppModelBedita model base class
BEAppObjectModelBEdita base app object class
BeAuthComponentUser/group/authorization component:

  • login, session start
  • user/group creation/handling
BeAuthFacebookComponentFacebook User auth component
BeAuthGoogleComponentGoogle User auth component
BeAuthTwitterComponentTwitter User auth component
BeCallbackManagerBasic event manager for BEdita
BeConfigureBeConfigure class handle BEdita configuration
BeCustomPropertyComponentCustom properties handling component
BEditaAllowURLExceptionBEditaAllowURLException // Remote files not allowed
BeditaAnnotationModelBedita annotation model
BeditaBadRequestExceptionRepresents an HTTP 400 error
BeditaBaseShellBase class for bedita shell scripts: provides common filesystem related methods
BeditaCollectionModelBase model for collection objects
BeditaConflictExceptionRepresents an HTTP 409 error
BeditaContentModelBedita content model relations
BEditaDeleteStreamObjExceptionBEditaDeleteStreamObjException // Error removing stream obj
BeditaExceptionBedita exceptions definitions, loaded from bootstrap.php
BeditaExportFilterBase model for export filters
BeditaForbiddenExceptionRepresents an HTTP 403 error
BeditaHashExceptionBeditaHash specific Exception
BeditaImportFilterBase model for import filters
BEditaInfoExceptionBEditaInfoException // Information not available
BeditaInternalErrorExceptionRepresents an HTTP 500 error
BEditaIOExceptionBEditaIOException // Generic I/O Error
BeditaMethodNotAllowedExceptionRepresents an HTTP 405 error
BEditaMIMEExceptionBEditaMIMEException // MIME type not found or wrong
BeditaNotFoundExceptionRepresents an HTTP 404 error
BeditaNotImplementedExceptionRepresents an HTTP 501 error
BeditaProductModelBase class for products
BeditaPublicationException########################### FRONTEND specific Exception
BeditaRuntimeExceptionRuntime exception (default http status code 500)
BeditaServiceUnavailableExceptionRepresents an HTTP 503 error
BeditaSimpleObjectModelBedita simple object
BeditaSimpleStreamModelBase model for simple stream objects
BeditaStreamModelBase model for stream objects
BeditaUnauthorizedExceptionRepresents an HTTP 401 error
BEditaUploadPHPExceptionBEditaUploadPHPException // handle php upload errors
BEditaURLExceptionBEditaURLException // URL rules violation
BeEmbedFlashHelperFlash embed helper
BeEmbedHtml5HelperHTML5 embed helper
BeEmbedMediaHelperHelper class to embed media contents
BeExceptionHandlerDefault Exception handler class
BEFileFile stream
BeFileHandlerComponentFile upload, save, modify, delete, manage (remote as well)
BeFormHelperBeFormHelper class
BeFrontHelperHelper class for frontends
BeHashComponentGeneral BEdita hash component
BeHtmlHelperBeHtmlHelper class
BeLangTextComponentTranslation properties manipulation
BeLibBEdita libs class
BeMailComponentGeneral BEdita mail component
BEObjectBEObject class
BeObjectCacheBeObjectCache class
BeSchemaUtility class that handles schema/db issues
BeSecurityComponentBeSecurityComponent class
BeSystemBeSystem class handle BEdita system utility methods
BeSystemComponentComponent for low level operations
BeThumbThumbnail utilities class
BeTimeHelperDate, Time Helper that extend TimeHelper use strftime and its format instead of date
BeToolbarHelperTable toolbar for pagination and search helper
BeTreeComponentManagement of the tree of the contents
BeTreeHelperBEdita tree of contents helper
BeUploadToObjComponentUpload component: common file, multimedia file, third party multimedia url (vimeo, youtube, etc
BeurlHelperUrl helper class
BeVimeoComponentVimeo component
BeYoutubeComponentYoutube media component
BuildFilterBehaviorBuildFilter Class build custom sql statements used in BEAppModel::findObjects() method to filter list of BEdita objects
CacheableBehaviorCacheableBehavior class
CallbackBehaviorMigration behavior to translate basic Cake callbacks to BeCallbackManager events
CaptchaComponentCaptcha creation and management
CardAddressbook card model
CardsImportFilterCardsImportFilter: class to import card objects from CSV/vCard file
CategoryCategory model
CleanupTaskCleanup task
CommentComment annotation
CompactResultBehaviorCompact find result
ContentContent model
DataShell* format shell script
DateItemDate item object
DbadminShellDbadmin shell: generic methods to check/fix some db data, for example translations, multimedia
DeleteDependentObjectBehaviorBehavior to remove descendants of the object deleted
DeleteObjectBehaviorDeleteObjectBehavior class
DocumentDocument content
EditorNoteEditor annotation
EventEvent content
EventLogLog for Event
EventsControllerEvents module controller
ForeignDependenceSaveBehaviorForeign key dependencies on save management Models names to manage passed through Configure
FrontendControllerFrontend base class (Frontend API)
FrontendShellFrontend shell script initialize basic frontend app
GalleryMultimedia gallery
GeoTagGeographic tag object - geographical identification metadata
GettextShellGettext shell: methods to parse templates/php files, extract i18n entries and update .po files (gettext files)
GitRevision Control System Model for Git
GravatarHelperGravatar helper
HashJobHash asynchronous job object
HistoryUser access history to contents Model is not a proper BEdita object, model data in history table
HomeControllerBEdita dashboard Controller
ImageImage stream
ImageInfoHelperImageInfo helper class
JsonExportFilterJsonExportFilter: class to export objects to JSON format
JsonImportFilterJsonImportFilter: class to import objects from JSON
JsonViewJson View
LangTextLang text object for translation
LinkWebmark/Link class: generic web link, URL, URI model
MailGroupMail group object
MailGroupCardMail group card for addressbook
MailJobMail asynchronous job object
MailLogGeneric mail log messages, specially on sending failures/bounce processing
MailMessageMail message content
MailShellDefault shell script for email notifications and newsletters
MailTemplateMail template for email
MediaProviderInterfaceInterface used by media provider helper as (youtube, vimeo, ...)
MigrateShellMigration shell: shell script to migrate BEdita instances from previous versions
MigrationBaseMigration scripts base class
MigrationDateItemsShellConvert Date Items to another format
ModuleModule Model class
ModulesControllerBase class for modules
ModuleShellModule shell: methods to plug/unplug/list modules
MultimediaControllerModule Multimedia: management of Image, Audio, Video objects
NewsControllerShort news handling
NewsletterShellNewsletter shell: methods to import/export newsletter data (for example phplist filters), other newsletter related utilities
NotifyBehaviorBehavior class to send email notification to users
ObjectEditorObject Editor
ObjectPropertyProperty object
ObjectRelationObject relations model
ObjectTypeType object
ObjectUserUser object
PermsHelperPermission helper
ProductBase product
PropertyProperty object
PropertyOptionProperty Option object
ResponseHandlerComponentResponse handler component
RestClientModelREST client model uses internally "curl" or cake HttpSocket if "curl" module not available
RevisionRevision Control System Generic Model for Git/SVN repositories
RevisionObjectBehaviorBehavior to create/handle revisions for an object
SearchTextSearch text model: index object texts
SearchTextSaveBehaviorUpdate/create searchable text, indexed by mysql fulltext
SectionSection of website/publication
SessionFilterComponentSessionFilterComponent class
SessionFilterHelperSessionFilterHelper class
ShortNewsNews content
SoapClientModelSOAP client model
StreamBasic Stream
SvnRevision Control System Model for SVN
TagsControllerTags handling
ThumbnailHelperThumbnail helper class
TransactionComponentTransaction component
TreeTree structure
TrHelperTranslation helper class
UserPropertyUser custom properties
UsersControllerUsersController: administrate users and groups
UtilityUtility model class Execute utility operations
VersionVersion object
VideoVideo stream
VimeoHelperVimeo helper class
XmlExportFilterXmlExportFilter: class to export objects to XML format
XmlImportFilterXmlImportFilter: class to import objects from XML
XmlViewXml View used to create XML response
YoutubeHelperYoutube helper class
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